Today the little man’s school was closed so I needed to figure how to include him in my work-out plan for the day.  I really like this class at the gym.  It’s called RIPPED and it’s no joke.  I’m sweating my ass off in the first 5 minutes!  But I also needed to get my run in for the day and because I’m a slacker and I didn’t wake up early and get it done.

Little man wanted to ride his bike this morning so I decided to run with him.  It ended up being a great workout for the both of us!  We rode down by the lake and got plenty of fresh air.

And we're off!

And we’re off!

Take a break to enjoy the scenery.

Taking in the scenery.

3 miles!  Done!  Up next was my gym class.  They have a really nice kids club area but we have never used and I was nervous on how he would do.  There were a few tears, but all in all he did great. It’s just a reminder how big he’s getting.  🙂

RIPPED did not disappoint.  I left the class a little early because I wanted to check on the little guy so I missed the core part.  I really need to work on my core so maybe a DVD later. :). This pic is not that great, but hey I’m still learning this blogging stuff.

The before

The before

After. :). Celebrating with a yummy lunch.

After. :). Celebrating with a yummy lunch.