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We had a very busy weekend with family and friends and there was no time to blog.  Here’s a quick weekend recap.

B and I hit the pool right after early release on Friday.  Had to start the summer off right!



Saturday morning I completed seven sweaty miles.  I got a late start and the heat and humidity were in full effect.

Hot and humid. :(

Hot and humid. 😦

I was happy to be done. My legs felt like lead.  I hope this week’s runs are better. We had a friend’s birthday Saturday.  We all had a great time and the kids were wiped out from all the swimming.

I celebrated my 7 miles run with a big bowl of crawfish!


Okay I had a little help. 🙂  Jason and I love crawfish and the season is about over.   I know our dinner wasn’t 100% Paleo, but like I said the season is almost over so we had to indulge a little.  The shrimp was good too. 🙂

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day with my dad a week early.  I wish I had taken some pictures because the kids made him some sweet cards and just had a great time with him.   We had a great, busy weekend!