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It’s official… I will be running in the 2015 Houston Half Marathon!


2105 Half Marathon!

2015 Half Marathon!

I received my confirmation email yesterday and I’m so flippin’ excited!  I had a twinge of regret about not signing up for the full marathon.  Running the marathon was such a great, wonderful, over-the-the-moon experience, BUT in the end it’s a frickin’ marathon and it was HARD!  I mean one of the hardest things I have ever done (besides giving birth)!

Maybe I will run another marathon again, but it seems a half marathon is just right for me.  I’m really going to work on my speed (interval training baby!) and hopefully I will PR.

A good friend of my got into the full marathon and it will be her first.  She was my training buddy during my marathon training so I’m excited to train with her once again and support her journey.

Yesterday Jason and I tried a new Paleo recipe – Italian Meatloaf.   I know meatloaf doesn’t sound super exciting, but I have always been a fan.  Jason, not so much.  He’s the cook in our house so he always does a good job of spicing up the recipes I find.  I found this one on www.paleomg.com.  I had to buy almond flour/meal for the first time.  That stuff is a little pricey so I’m hoping to find other recipes that include almond flour.

Ready for the oven.

Ready for the oven.

35 minutes later…

Paleo meatloaf

Paleo meatloaf

The tomato sauce was the best thing about the meatloaf.  Without the sauce I could definitely taste the almond flour, it wasn’t bad just seemed like it was a little too much.  All in all it was pretty good.  I think Jason might tweak it the next time, maybe add some more spices but it’s now on our list of good, easy Paleo recipes. 🙂  We have kind of fallen off the Paleo recipe wagon.  At the the beginning of the year we were trying a new recipe every week.  Lately we have been sticking to basic Paleo eats like salmon, steak, grilled chicken and turkey burgers (my favorite) with veggies.   The next few weeks are going to be busy so we might not try a new one for the next month or so.  We will see!