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I feel like I’ve been kind of worthless the last few weeks.  I’ve worked out here and there and my diet has definitely taken some hits.  Last weekend was my 20 year reunion and let’s just say it was more than FUN!  We had a great weekend with all of our friends and I got to catch up with people I haven’t seen in many, many years.  I managed to get it in one small run last weekend but that was about it, and I basically drank and ate my way through the entire weekend.  This past week I managed to clean up my diet a little, and get in 4 somewhat decent workouts, but I’m definitely feeling blah.

Yesterday we had the most unusual August weather.  It was actually a little cool and not humid.  CRAZINESS!!!! I debated (for about an hour) if I should take advantage and go for a run while the family napped.  Once I finally talked myself into it I was so freaking happy I did.  When in doubt…run!  Running makes everything better.  Tired? Run!  A little bit hung over (reunion weekend)?  Run!  Mad? Run!  Sad? Run!  Anxiety through the roof? Run!  Want to scream at your kids? RUN!!!!!!  Running makes everything better.  I throw on my shoes grab my phone and earphones and life goes by the wayside.  I think, I de-stress, I sweat, I run.  And I love it.  I have definitely increased my weights workouts this summer and I can totally tell but nothing compares to running.  I’m eager to start the half marathon/marathon training with my running buddy Rachel – she’s running the full and I’m running the half.  We are gonna start in a few weeks and it’s gonna be fun!

Here’s to running!  Cheers!