I’m so excited because I got to try a new class today.  For a year, yes a whole year I wanted to try Body Pump at the gym, but couldn’t find the time.  Well, that’s not true, the class is at 5:10am and for the life of me I can not get out of the bed before 5am so  4:45am is kind of out of question for me.  Never say never, but 4:45am is pretty freakin’ early. 🙂  Anyhoo,  I had planned once again to go to the 5:10am class, but I went to bed too late so again 5:10 am class didn’t happen.

Then the heavens parted and my sweet husband offered to take the kids to school this morning.  Do you hear the angels singing?!?!??!?!  There is a 7:45 am class and I made it!  I actually thought it was another class Body Flow, but it was actually Body Pump.  I know it seems a bit extreme to get excited for a workout class, but again I have been wanting to go to this class for a year!  And the class did not disappoint!  I’m not a weights girl.  I will run across the great state of Texas, but ask me to go to the gym to lift weights and I’m out.  BUT I know I need to do weights and once I’m in my groove it’s always a great workout and I feel stronger and better once I’m done.  I have to remind myself every week to get in at least 2 weight sessions in that week.

IMG_4187 2

So, as you can see, this class is perfect for me.  All weights for about an hour.



I was a few minutes late to the class, but quickly caught up with the group.  The instructor was amazing and very helpful.  I’m so happy that everything worked out.  Today definitely helped me look at 4:45am wake up differently.  It’s a great class and I don’t have to do weights by myself.  SCORE!


This was my view today while I ran a few miles on the treadmill.  I’m running a half marathon next weekend and I need to get the miles in when I can.  Beautiful day, but super cold.


After my workout I ran a bunch of errands, and it was finally time for lunch.  To go from Chipotle hit the spot.  I added some avocado and their tangy dressing and I was good to go.

All in all it was a very productive day.  I’m so ready for Friday and the weekend.  Just need to keep my eats and workouts going.  Weekends are always tough for me, but I have my workouts scheduled and my plan of attack for my meals.  Happy Thursday!