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Yes I just made up this title of this post.  I know it sounds weird, but I’m experiencing a half marathon hangover.  My head doesn’t hurt, but my body does and so does my heart a little, truth be told. I guess hangover isn’t the right word.  Because if you’ve ever had a hangover you swear up and down you will never touch alcohol again.  I don’t feel that about running I’m just a little sad that our training and race are over.  I know there will be other training sessions and other races, but I seem to experience this feeling of sadness after a long-term training session comes to an end.

Actually I have two other races that I’m going to sign up for.  One is a 10k race which is a lot of fun.  I have done it the past few years and it’s just a blast – the rodeo run.  Us Texans do love the rodeo!  And the other race is a half marathon at the end of March.  I will reach my goal of 2 hours!!!!

But today I’m not thinking of those races I’m still a little blah about this one ending.  I’m giving myself 24 hours (it’s turning into more of a 72 hour thing) of blah-ness (this is made up word. :)) and then it’s time to move on and look for other fitness challenges and goals.

I told myself after the half marathon I would focus on yoga and strength training so that’s what’s on board for this week. Body Pump on Thursday, I might do a light run/jog on Friday then yoga,  and hopefully my RIPPED class over the weekend.  I’m going to take it nice and easy this week.