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Happy Sunday!  We finally have good weather here and what a difference it makes in your attitude! Here’s a quick recap of Saturday. My kiddos actually let us sleep in a bit (8:30am… hey I will take it!)  After I fed the kids and let my husband sleep in (I’m such a good wife)  I was off to the gym to try a new class – Body Flow.  I started with a 2 mile warmup which turned into a nice interval/sprint workout.  Slowly, but surely I am working on my speed.  It amazes me how much it’s increased in just a year.  2 hour half marathon goal here I come!

Anyhoo, after the run I tried my first body flow class.  It’s a mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi.  I’m really trying to embrace to slow, steady, calming yoga workout.  I have always been in the mindset that you have to sweat a ton to make a difference, but as I get older I have realized (and read) that change happens when your are constantly changing up your workout and challenging your body. If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you.

One word for body flow – CHALLENGING!!! It was a solid hour of stretching and pushing my body into poses, bends and downward dogs.  It was uncomfortable, but in a good way.

Amazing, right?  And this is not me. LOL!

Amazing, right? And this is not me. LOL!

The instructor was amazing!  She definitely pushed me, but understood everyone’s limitations. I look forward to many more classes.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, organizing and getting rid of junk.  Such a great feeling to have our house organized!  We met my sister and her family last night for dinner at an outdoor restaurant so the kids could play.  All in all it was a great Saturday!