Happy Hump Day!

A quick recap of the my workout and eats.

Today started with a 5:30am 5 mile run with my girl Rachel. Back to it!

Basic Breakfast:

Egg whites and gluten free waffle and 2 cups of coffee with 1 stevia.

Snack:  Lara bar and handful of almonds

Lunch: Spinach salad with tomatoes, bacon, cucumbers, mushrooms, garlic chicken and balsamic dressing.

Snack: Handful of almonds

Dinner: Grilled chicken salad with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, onions.  The dressing was a bit heavier – almost like ranch.  Tried to use as little as possible and couple of glasses of wine, and 10 fries.  Yes, I counted the fries, but it’s one of our favorite places to go and the fries are so good.  What can I say, not super proud on my second day of the challenge but I didn’t eat a basket of fries so I’m happy. 🙂

Throughout the day I drank a gallon of water.  Yay!  I’m bummed I didn’t take any pics today, but I promise to have some tomorrow.