Woah! The last 2 days have been kind of a whirl wind so I’m just now posting my eats from yesterday and today!


Gluten free waffle and almond butter and 2 cups for coffee

Snack: Handful of almonds

Workout: Interval 5 mile run

Lunch: The hubby and I spit a 2 meat plate at  Dickey’s BBQ.  I have no idea why we haven’t done this before!  Plenty of meat for the both of us and so much cheaper!  I had turkey, sausage and green beans. 🙂

Late snack:  banana, almond butter and 2 egg whites.  We met our friends for a late dinner so I knew I needed to eat something pretty substantial if I was going to make it to a 7:30pm dinner. It’s sad that I’ve become accustomed to eating so much early (5:30 pm) since having kids.  Oh well I guess it’s healthier. 🙂

Dinner: 5 grilled shrimp, arugula and polenta bread.  I only had a few bites of the polenta bread.  It wasn’t that great, and I didn’t want to waste the carbs because I had wine with dinner.

Movie: Loads of popcorn and some more wine.  Total fail at the movies but man the popcorn was good!

got pic

I love Game of Thrones!  I can’t wait until April!


Breakfast: Gluten free waffle and almond butter

Brunch/Lunch: Eggs, bacon, 1 bite of a biscuit (not good so not worth it), 1 slice of french toast, 1 mimosa

Late snack: 1/2 apple and almonds

Dinner: 2 bites of pizza, 6 lettuce wraps from Pei Wei.

Okay so this weekend had kind of been a fail with food. 😦  Trying not to get too down on myself but this not how I wanted the weekend to go.  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and we all know what that means….a lot of temptations!  I’m bringing veggies and guacamole and deviled eggs made with avocado instead of mayo for my sides.  I hope it helps so I stay away from all the bad stuff!  My plan is to do a 7 mile interval run in the morning.   Need to burn some energy!!!!!