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So today I had jury duty, yes the dreaded jury duty.  I had rescheduled it 3 times and finally it was time to go.  I have never been to jury duty, and was truly dreading it.  I had a lot of work to do today, and to be frank it’s not how I wanted to start a Monday or my week.  BUT I’m actually glad I had to go.  I mean I was there ALL DAY (8 am to 5pm), but the whole process was very educational and eye-opening.  As the judge said at the end of the day, our system is not perfect, but there is not a better country in the world.  I totally agree.  But I did thank my lucky stars I was not picked for the trial.  It was a sad case and is going to last a while.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan to be at jury duty all day so I didn’t bring any snacks.  I was running late (of course) so I had to stop at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast.  For not planning I ended up eating pretty well.  I couldn’t drink a lot of water because we were warned that we would not be allowed many bathroom breaks.  So with that here were my eats:

Breakfast: Starbucks grande coffee and 1 protein plate minus the cheese and peanut butter.

Snack: Half of a fruit cup

Lunch: Quiznos Chicken BBQ Ranch Salad.  I asked for no cheese and the dressing came on the side and only had about 1/4 of the container of dressing.

Snack: Other half of the fruit cup

Dinner: 1 avocado and 1 1/2 cups of Paleoish chili.  We don’t include beans and substitute with butternut squash.  Yum!

After dinner treat: Hot tea and a few (5) small marshmallows with my favorite 4 year old. 🙂

Throughout the day I think I drank about 1/2 a gallon of water.  😦  Oh well, better than nothing!

My workout plans for the week!

Tuesday: 5 mile run

Wednesday: Weights DVD and 2 mile sprint/interval run

Thursday: 7 – 8 mile run

Friday: RIPPED class

Saturday: 10k race

Sunday: Yoga or rest depending on how the race goes.

Here’s to making a plan and sticking to it.  Happy Monday!