Day 1 of 30 day challenge


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I can do hard things. I woke up this morning feeling unmotivated. Maybe because I know the next 30 days are going to be hard. Plain hard. I have fallen into such a relaxed routine that the thought of getting back on the horse just does not sound like fun. BUUUT… Neither does having this extra weight! Focus, focus, focus!!!

Today is a long work day for me so no workout today.

Here are my eats. Pretty good for not being super motivated.

Breakfast – 1 gluten free waffle, 3 egg whites. 2 cups of coffee with just a little stevia

Snack – 1 Lara bar

2015-01-27 10.15.34 2015-01-27 10.15.20

Lunch – turkey meatloaf with sweet potatoes and green beans from Snap Kitchen

2015-01-27 12.32.58

2015-01-27 13.24.07

Snap Kitchen is just like My Fit Foods.  It’s a good go to place to get healthy meals for a great price.  My lunch was only 330 calories and very filling.

Snack – handful of almonds, 1 decaf coffee with a little non-fat cream

I had a handful of grapes when I got home and dinner was crock pot chicken, corn and salsa with half of an avocado. Delish!

2015-01-27 17.38.57

Throughout the day I had about a gallon of water.  All in all I feel good about eats.  I’m heading to bed early tonight.  I have a 5am wake up call to meet the girls for a run.  Yay!  Day 1 done! Boom!


Back to the Basics


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Over the weekend I talked about a new challenge and focus, well here it is.  I’m going back to the basics.  I have steadily gained weight over the last six months.  I’m about 10 pounds heavier than this time last year.  And even though I work out pretty consistently 4 to 5 times a week it’s not enough .  I’ve let my diet slide and I can tell EVERYWHERE!   My pants are tight, sluggish, bloated and it’s effecting my overall mood.  I stepped on the scale this morning and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been thinking about this for a while, and I would be really good for a few days but then let things slide on weekends.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it has all added up to where I am now.  The thing is a I like eating healthy, but I have definitely have my weaknesses…french fries, desserts and wine. 😦  I’ve never been 100 percent Paleo, but it’s time to get back to the basics and lose this weight.

I’m almost 40 and I want to feel great, amazing, over-the-top when I turn 40.  I want to feel like that all the time and for whatever reason/reasons I have let things slide here and there.  I need to get back to my “feel great weight.”  I follow and Tina talks about her feel great weight.  I was there and I want to get back there.

So…. for the next 30 days 1/27 – 2/27 I am recording all of my eats and exercise to keep myself accountable.  I promise to get better at my food pics.  I’m hoping, praying this little challenge kicks my butt into gear.

So this my challenge – get back to clean, healthy eating, minimize sweets and wine and increase my number of workouts and intensity.  Here I go!   And because I love Jillian Michaels I needed to include some of her good quotes… cue the Rocky music!

comfortable quote

effort quote

keep going quote

will quote

perfect quote

Body Flow


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Happy Sunday!  We finally have good weather here and what a difference it makes in your attitude! Here’s a quick recap of Saturday. My kiddos actually let us sleep in a bit (8:30am… hey I will take it!)  After I fed the kids and let my husband sleep in (I’m such a good wife)  I was off to the gym to try a new class – Body Flow.  I started with a 2 mile warmup which turned into a nice interval/sprint workout.  Slowly, but surely I am working on my speed.  It amazes me how much it’s increased in just a year.  2 hour half marathon goal here I come!

Anyhoo, after the run I tried my first body flow class.  It’s a mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi.  I’m really trying to embrace to slow, steady, calming yoga workout.  I have always been in the mindset that you have to sweat a ton to make a difference, but as I get older I have realized (and read) that change happens when your are constantly changing up your workout and challenging your body. If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you.

One word for body flow – CHALLENGING!!! It was a solid hour of stretching and pushing my body into poses, bends and downward dogs.  It was uncomfortable, but in a good way.

Amazing, right?  And this is not me. LOL!

Amazing, right? And this is not me. LOL!

The instructor was amazing!  She definitely pushed me, but understood everyone’s limitations. I look forward to many more classes.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, organizing and getting rid of junk.  Such a great feeling to have our house organized!  We met my sister and her family last night for dinner at an outdoor restaurant so the kids could play.  All in all it was a great Saturday!

Running + Yoga + Random = Friday


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So moving on from my half marathon hangover this week I made it to my body pump class yesterday.  Great workout!  I started thinking about the benefits of weight training and running.  As I have said before now that the half marathon is done I’m going to focus more on strength and yoga.  I remember hearing that strength training is beneficial for runners, but I can’t remember where I read it and started doing some research yesterday.

I didn’t find any great articles, but what I did find surprised me.  Turns out that yoga is very beneficial to runners.  I have found several articles on the subject. The one I like the most is this one from Women’s Health Magazine and it gives you a sample workout.  Check it out!

I definitely want to continue with strength, but I’m going to try these stretches every morning or at least 3 times a week to help with flexibility.

Yesterday I used my Christmas present from the hubby for a relaxing, much needed massage. I love gift certificates!  It was an hour long, deep tissue massage….my favorite! Can’t wait to go back for my facial.

I love gift certificates!

I love gift certificates!  And I can’t figure out how to rotate the pic. 😦


This pic is a little blurry, but it reminds me that bathing suit season is just around the corner and I need to focus on my goals.  More on that this week.  I’m starting a new program next week that will help me reach my Spring Break goals. 🙂 Yay!


I saw this sign at the gym. Love it!  TGIF and time for a glass of wine!

Half Marathon Hangover


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Yes I just made up this title of this post.  I know it sounds weird, but I’m experiencing a half marathon hangover.  My head doesn’t hurt, but my body does and so does my heart a little, truth be told. I guess hangover isn’t the right word.  Because if you’ve ever had a hangover you swear up and down you will never touch alcohol again.  I don’t feel that about running I’m just a little sad that our training and race are over.  I know there will be other training sessions and other races, but I seem to experience this feeling of sadness after a long-term training session comes to an end.

Actually I have two other races that I’m going to sign up for.  One is a 10k race which is a lot of fun.  I have done it the past few years and it’s just a blast – the rodeo run.  Us Texans do love the rodeo!  And the other race is a half marathon at the end of March.  I will reach my goal of 2 hours!!!!

But today I’m not thinking of those races I’m still a little blah about this one ending.  I’m giving myself 24 hours (it’s turning into more of a 72 hour thing) of blah-ness (this is made up word. :)) and then it’s time to move on and look for other fitness challenges and goals.

I told myself after the half marathon I would focus on yoga and strength training so that’s what’s on board for this week. Body Pump on Thursday, I might do a light run/jog on Friday then yoga,  and hopefully my RIPPED class over the weekend.  I’m going to take it nice and easy this week.


Half Marathon Recap


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One word for yesterday’s ran – AWESOME!!!!  🙂  I was up bright and early on Sunday morning,  I had a few cups of coffee and a gluten free waffle with almond butter.  It’s my long run, pre-race meal.   My hubby was so sweet to haul me and my friends down to the race so we didn’t have to worry about parking.  He wasn’t too thrilled to wake up on Sunday morning at 5:30 am, but he was as trooper. 🙂  We were on the road by 6 am.

We got to the race about 6:35 am and quickly made it to our corral.  We were all in different ones, but wanted to start together so we snuck our way into one corral together.

We were all excited and nervous, but ready to get our race on!

We were all excited and nervous, but ready to get our race on!

The gun went off at 7 am, but we didn’t actually cross the start line until 7:20.

Look at all these runners!

Look at all these runners!

Melissa and I hit the first port-o-potty we saw because the line was too long before the start of the race. We started nice and slow to ease our way into it.  It’s so easy to start sprinting because of the excitement, but I did that last year and it was not good at the end.  Gotta save your legs and energy.  The three of us ran together until mile 4 like we had planned.  Once we hit mile 4 I said good-bye to the girls and started slowly increasing my pace.  There we so many people cheering us on it was incredible!  I wish I would have gotten a pic of the crowds along the route.

I tried to pick points on the route to sprint towards during my intervals – a stop light, a stop sign, tree, etc.  Probably not the most technical method of interval training, but hey I was just enjoying the scenery and being in the race.  It’s hard to describe the feeling when you are part of a race… one word – incredible. 🙂

I saw some friends at mile 7 and it was a big jolt to my energy level.  It was so sweet of all of our friends to come out to support us!  I guess I was in my zone a little too much because I missed two of my friends along the way.

After I saw my friend at mile 7 I looked at my phone and noticed my husband texted me to get a move on because my pace was too slow to hit my goal.  He’s always looking out for me. 🙂

My map my run app got screwed up somehow along the way so I started looking at the marathon timers to try and figure out where I would end up.  My husband texted me at mile 11 and told me I was on pace to finish in 2:17.  My first goal was 2 hours, second goal was 2:10 and my last option was 2:15.  I wasn’t going to stand to finish more than that so I started booking it.  My legs were burning and I started feeling a little nauseous so I just tried to push through.  I switched up my music and went through every inspirational song I had.  I saw my family (husband, kids and my mom) about .25 from the finish line and I just put it into gear.  BOOM!  2:13!!!

Damn, I was so proud I could barely contain myself.

Me and my awesome kiddos that love it when I run!

Me and my awesome kiddos that love it when I run!

Melissa finished in 2:31 – amazing!!! She was running for autism research and raised a lot of money for the foundation.  A M A Z I N G!!!!

We hung out with our families for a few minutes and then got into the truck to meet Rachel at mile 20.  We got there with about 15 minutes to spare.  The kids were so cute with their signs for Rachel.

Go Rachel!

Go Rachel!

We love you Rachel!

We love you Rachel!

Rachel stretched for a few minutes and then we were off.  Rachel’s sister had been running with her since mile 14 and planned to run to 21.  Melissa planned on running with her for a mile and my plan was to run a few miles with her.  At mile 21.5 Rachel’s brother and family met us.  We stretched again and then her and I headed out.  So many supporters cheering her, us on.  It was amazing.  One lady thought I was confused because I still had my half marathon bib on.  LOL!  At mile 23.5 my right knee started to really hurt.  We would walk and run, walk and run.  Finally at mile 24.5 I didn’t want to slow Rachel down or mess with her rhythm so I stopped.  She was so sweet and offered to wait for me.  I told her this was HER RACE and she needed to cross the finish line by herself.  It’s an amazing feeling!  And she did, 5 hours and 13  minutes!!!   So proud of my amazing friends.  They trained hard, ran hard and finished hard.

Post race celebration!  So so proud of these ladies.  Amazing race and day!

Post race celebration! 

I hope we start training for another race soon!  Sore legs today, but so worth it!



Last training run and packet pick up!


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Yesterday was our last training run before the big race!  It was a chilly 36 degrees and I had double layers on.  Rachel and I started at 5:20am and ran an easy 5 miles.  Even though I don’t like getting up early,  I’m gonna miss our runs together.  Hopefully we will start training for another race soon.  🙂

2015-01-16 06.28.38

After our run I headed home to get the kids ready for school and me ready for the day.  After drop off I headed downtown to get our race packets. I was picking up four packets so I wanted to be there early when the doors open to avoid all the crowds.

2015-01-16 10.52.39 2015-01-16 10.52.35

Mission accomplished!  I was early and I got in and out in about 30 minutes.  I took a few minutes to look around the expo.  Always very cool things to see and try.  I bought a few headbands for my training buddies.

2015-01-16 10.24.45

I am so excited for the race tomorrow.  The weather is suppose to be great and even if I don’t meet my goal I know it will be a great race.  Good luck to all the runners out there!  Now time for bed!


Too tired to type and healthy eats on the go


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I made my early run yesterday at 5am. Wake up call was 4:40am! We had a great 6 mile run. We all felt strong and ready physically for the upcoming races. Mentally we all are a little nervous. This is Rachel’s first marathon and Melissa’s first half marathon, and my goal is finish the half marathon in 2 hours 10 minutes or even better in 2 hours!

After the early morning run yesterday I had a full day of work, driving all over the city, kid pick-up, homework, dinner and showers.  Once I sat down on the couch last night I could barely keep my eyes open, and I was too tired to type so a blog post just did not happen.  😦

My very large cup of joe after my early morning run.  I should really think about putting some make up on for pics.  Yikes!

My very large cup of joe after my early morning run. I should really think about putting some make up on for pics. Yikes!

Fast forward to this morning.  I went to the body pump class, and it was another awesome workout.  My arms and legs are still burning.  LOVE IT!!!!

I had a bunch of errands to run today, but I still have to keep my eats healthy so I can stay on plan to lose the extra holiday weight.  Between days like yesterday when I had to drive all over the city for work, and days like today where I had to run a bunch of errands I have to keep healthy snack options with me.  I have to eat or I tend to get a little HANGRY (hunger and angry) not a good combination!  When I started eating Paleoish I found that I really like almonds.  I get the unsalted, natural almonds and I love them.  Some people can’t deal with the no salt part (my husband) but I have grown to love them and they are my go to snack.

Natural almonds are the bomb!

Natural almonds are the bomb!

I keep a jar in my car pretty much all the time.  I have to watch myself because I know the calories can add up, but they really are a great snack when you’re on the go.  The other thing I often do is take my breakfast with me when I’m dropping off the kids.  I always make a gluten free waffle (not Paleo, I’m more Paleoish) and egg whites to go.  I make the eggs in the microwave and stick them in a snack bag to eat while I’m driving, and I always make sure I have extra napkins. 🙂


This is not the prettiest picture, but it’s egg whites to go.  LOL!

Egg whites to go.  Not pretty, but healthy and tasty.  :)

Egg whites to go. Not pretty, but healthy and tasty. 🙂

Another thing I do is always look for the healthy food options at fast food restaurants. Just about all fast food places have a grilled chicken sandwich.  If I have to go to a fast food place I usually order a grilled chicken sandwich and don’t eat the bun and add a salad.

Today I went to Panera, because it was on the way to another appointment.  I ordered their Chicken Cobb with Avocado without the cheese and dressing on the side.  Any time I order a salad I try to get the dressing on the side to minimize calories.  I find if they toss in the dress it’s way too much.



What are your healthy eats on the go?  I’m always looking for new ideas/tips.

Happy Thursday!


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This morning started with a quick workout with Jillian Michaels and a 2 mile interval run.  I have been doing the same Jillian Michaels DVD for about two years now.  I got it when I started my Paleo/clean eating lifestyle change.  The DVD has 4 workouts.  Each workout is 3 minutes of weights, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs.  Each workout is about 30 minutes including a warm up and cool down.

30 day shred

I heart Jillian!

I heart Jillian!

It’s been a great DVD, I mean two years is a long time with one DVD!  I have always like Jillian Michaels ever since she started on the Biggest Loser.  I have been searching for more DVDs like hers, but I haven’t found anything that gives me the same type of workout.

The other day I saw an ad for  From what I can tell it’s $12.95/month and you have access to all different kinds of workouts by famous trainers like Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser.  It looks really interesting and what I’ve been looking for to change up my routine.

My plan/goal was to do more classes like Body Pump, RIPPED and yoga after the half marathon.  If I decide to sign up I will definitely do a review.  Heck, the first 30 days are free and $12.95/month and I can cancel anytime.

Time for bed… wake up call is 4:45am for a 5am run with the girls.  Yawn!


Manic Monday and Golden Globes


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Woah what a Monday! One day I will have this whole Monday thing down, but not today. Lol! I stayed up late watching the Golden Globes so getting up this morning was  slow.  Everyone slept in, even the kids.  And the kids NEVER sleep in.  Thankfully I did a bunch of laundry over the weekend and pretty much had everyone’s clothes laid out so it wasn’t a complete frantic mess this morning.  Somehow, no matter how I much I prepare for Mondays they are never smooth.

But back to the Golden Globes!  I absolutely love award shows – they are like the Super Bowl to me.  My husband knows it’s my night to hold the TV hostage and he knows not to mess with me.  What a good guy!  The 3 dresses I loved were Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and JLo.  Holy smokes they all looked AMAZING!!!

 Jennifer AnistonKate HudsonNBC's "72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals


In my dreams I have a kick ass body like them! I can’t even imagine how disciplined they are.  I can’t wait until the Oscars!

I had all the intensions in the world to wake up early this morning and get a quick run in, but it just didn’t happen.  I think I should always count on Mondays being rest days because I just never get up early on Mondays.  But I have a good workout plan for the week and my eats over the weekend weren’t too bad. Slowly, but surely getting to my goal. 🙂

Here’s the line up:

Tuesday – Weights/run 2 to 3 miles with intervals

Wednesday – 5 to 6 miles with my training buddies

Thursday – Body Pump class – Yay!!!!

Friday – 5 to 6 miles with training buddies

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – HALF MARATHON!!!!!!



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